Sunday, 30 October 2011

Our house now smells like gone off milk

we just did another photoshoot for damages, it just finished. If you dont know what the time is it is 00:37, we stink.  The shoot was fun we all enjoyed it, our friends joined in because they wanted to get milky too so now every one in our house and the bathroom stinks of milk, more to the point gone off milk.
Just to let you know this is so fucking wierd posting a picture of us in next to nothing.
Most of us still have milk in our ears.
hope all stalkers enjoy the pic we might chicken out of it being on the internet so make sure to take in how odd it is while it is there.
Much love Scott (Damages)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Video, other and misc

So in theory today we are filming the video for our track Tie a Ribbon, we are filming it our self so expect DIY goodness from it. The video will probably be out the same time as our track maybe before but i am sure most of you are farmiliar with it any way.
We Shot a video for it a while back but never did anything with it so i think we will slip bits of that in too so you all get to see the best of both videos, but i cant make any promises.
We are also going to set up a mailing list so you should all get on that, we will try and give out free stuff (different to free stuff that will get put here) via the mailing list so it would be worth subscribing to that when its done.
Much love Scott(DAMAGES)

Monday, 17 October 2011

The start of rushed spelling and bad grammar

So, this is the damages blog of tours and stuff, in theory we should be posting on this through out tours and for any additional stuff that might be cool for all you lovely readers out there, hell we might even give some free stuff away via this so it would be good to read when we post. Now i cant promise at the moment posts will be frequent but later on in the year (hint hint) they should be. x